Why join AddMeGamers !?



  • Increase anonymity – personal names and address are not required for signed up and not displayed.
  • Your gaming persona – Never mix your personal life with your gaming persona in the same social circle.
  • Find gamers – Find gamers from all over the world for all the games you could think off.


  • Centralized services – Have your fans get direct access to you,your Polls, blogs and other services all in one place.
  • Advanced Profile setup – Get all your details such as donation links,discord channel as well as pc setup specs and other details, all setup on your profile for everybody to see.
  • Get more fans – All users at AddMeGamers are gamers! Guaranteeing visibility and acquiring of new fans and followers.
  • Your profile is your page – At AMG your profile is your page. So accepting or adding gaming friends and increasing your fan base allows to stay directly in contact with your fanbase, and dosn’t require independent group creations.
  • Fair algorithms – Unlike other social networks, we do not tune posts to push users to boost their posts for visibility. We care about connecting and sharing relevant information above anything else.

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